From Glorified Freelancer to True Business Owner

How to Forge a Bulletproof Business That Runs and Scales on Its Own

Here’s the structured path to working on your business, systemising it, and rising above the daily hustle.

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If You Want a Business That Works FOR You, Keep Reading…

Imagine this: You, a 6-figure business owner, transforming your business ops to effortlessly scale to 7-figures.

You’re no longer a slave to your business, but rather, it fuels your desired lifestyle.

You have the freedom and choice to take a break and dive into your interests, or focus on your business. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, together, we can make this a reality.

The Daily Grind: Is This You?

I get it. You started your business for freedom.

But instead, you ended up with a highly-paid 24/7 job.

Each day you drag yourself to your laptop, flinching at the sound of every incoming email, Slack message and client request.

The mounting pressure of overseeing your team and making sure tasks get done on time weighs heavily. You spend your days tackling employee and client drama and hearing the same old excuses… it feels endless, doesn’t it?

In the back of your mind, you know there must be a better way.

But you’re already giving it your all.

You can’t seem to find more hours to fit in the day, and frankly, you don’t want to.

The exhaustion and constant stress are inching you towards burnout. A genuine vacation — one without laptops and Slack messages — seems completely out of reach.

The Chain of Constant Worry

Amidst all this, your business feels like a sandcastle, just one wave away from being wiped out. You have the nagging fear that your business really is a house of cards, on the brink of collapsing at any moment. And worst of all, it feels like you’ve been shackled to this ticking time bomb.

And what about a life outside your business?

It’s been so long, you’ve forgotten what that freedom tastes like.

What it’s like to enjoy relationships, to experience genuine happiness, to have fun.

Time keeps passing by, and you’re torn between spending it on your business in the hopes of building a better future, and actually living life.

Time to Flip the Script

What you really want is to step out of the day-to-day grind.

❌ No more shitty staff.

❌ No more client messages at 11pm.

❌ No more “we didn’t hit the numbers, so I guess I won’t get paid this month”.

❌ No more “why does daddy have to work this weekend?”

❌ No more lazier, dumber, and frankly more annoying competitors passing you by.

You want a business that doesn’t just rely on you, but one that operates like a well-oiled machine — a fully systemised intelligence that runs smoothly without your constant intervention.

You want to be able to take a vacation, secure in the knowledge that your business will be just fine, if not better, when you return.

And why not?

✅ That’s what being a true business owner is all about.

Achieving those business goals you’ve set but never quite reached. Taking home levels of profit that are worthy of the work you’ve put in. And having plenty left over to reinvest in growing the business.

A Tale of Two Journeys

Option 1: Continue down your current path

Your business will be “fine”.

You’ll continue to make a modest 6-figures a year, some years good, some years bad.

You’ll shoot the shit with your buddies at that business conference every year and maybe exaggerate how well you’re doing “just a little”.

All your plans for operational scale will happen “eventually”.

Then you’ll wake up in 5 years’ time and realise, “WTF have I been doing with my life and business?” and panic.

Option 2: Become a True Business Owner

I help you cover all your business bases. Together, we navigate the complexities of running a business, and I’ll show you how to construct a bulletproof business system, freeing you from the chains of constant oversight.

Don’t let your business be a sandcastle, let it be a fortress. It’s time to get your life back and turn your business into an entity that doesn’t enslave you, but instead fuels your ideal lifestyle.

It’s time for you to become a True Business Owner.

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Introducing True Business Owner

True Business Owner was created because there simply isn’t anything else available on the Internet that covers all the operational bases for growing small businesses and agencies.

Most “how to scale with systems” programmes out there are really marketing courses in disguise — they teach you all about paid ads, cold outreach, or how to create offers.

They DON’T teach and help you to build up your team, processes and organisation so that you can actually service all those new customers without things going sideways.

True Business Owner is not for venture-funded startups or large corporates.

It’s tailor-made for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are passionately self-founded, self-funded, and self-run.

It’s for business owners who have bootstrapped their businesses, hustled through every challenge, and remain at the helm.

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Power Up With True Business Owner

With True Business Owner, you gain access to bulletproof business systems that leverage the trifecta of people, technology, and processes.

We dive deep into the essential people ops knowledge you need to have as a business owner, arming you with the insight to lead your team effectively and efficiently, and one day have someone else do that on your behalf.

We explore the game-changing tech tools that will transform your operations, enhance your productivity, and unlock exponential growth.

But the real secret?

Real-time, Bulletproof Processes.

These are the engineered processes that will drive your business to break through plateaus and reach new heights.

Experience the Power of Being a True Business Owner

I get it.

Nobody who’s been in business for a while actually wants to “be a business owner” or “have a business”.

What they want is the financial and lifestyle benefits that a business owner’s income brings, without actually having to run it.

And that’s what True Business Ownership is.

By joining True Business Owner, you’re making a choice.

A choice to enjoy the freedom to work on your business or take a well-deserved break as you please.

Whether you choose to work 2-3 hours a day or jet off on a two-week vacation, your business will continue to thrive, improving even in your absence.

Aaron Lynn, True Business Owner

Have Your Business Help You Reach Your Money Goals Faster

With True Business Owner, you’ll get to your money goals faster and have a business that works FOR you.

We’ll remove any barriers to scaling, so you can enjoy plentiful profits as your business scales on its own.

But it’s not just about revenue, it’s about taking home the kind of pay you truly deserve – be it $10,000, $20,000 or more a month, not just “whatever we can afford this month.”

When you do choose to work, you’ll be spending time strategising and working ON the business – focusing on the parts that truly excite you.

You’ll be able to reap the benefits of time choice and freedom, and the peace of mind and personal growth that goes along with it.

Simplify Your Operations and Minimise Stress

True Business Owner helps you achieve simplicity through systems by helping you streamline operations, and improve day-to-day processes:

There will be fewer headaches, especially around staffing, and you’ll re-experience the fun, passion and satisfaction of making money with a business that you enjoy running.

Optimise Your Business Performance

True Business Owner will help your business operate at the speed of thought.

By using modern business technology, we’ll help your business self-monitor and self-correct, making your business infinitely more competitive:

And of course, everything in True Business Owner is backed by battle-tested SOPs, templates, and systems.

Some ❤️ From Other True Business Owners

Aaron A

“There is one specific aspect of working with you that has stood out to me. I really appreciated having a sounding board and being able to run important decisions by someone with strategic perspective before just abruptly making large decisions on my own. It was great as it helped me have a bit of a buffer between myself and the decisions that I make, and that really helped me to be more intentional with what I did and how I did it.”

Aaron A.

Founder, Link Building Agency

“I had the privilege of working with Aaron Lynn for a few months, and I can confidently say that his expertise and insights exceeded my expectations. Our discussions focused on some of the most pressing productivity and business challenges in my personal and professional life, and Aaron’s breadth of knowledge and experience were evident within minutes of our conversation. His ability to quickly identify my bottlenecks and provide actionable solutions was remarkable.

Together, Aaron and I developed a comprehensive plan that allowed me to apply his strategies immediately to my business and personal life. I was amazed to see immediate positive results that have continued to benefit me in countless ways.”

Noah Sutanto

Owner, AirBNB Agency
Noah Sutanto
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What’s Included in True Business Owner

Private 1:1 Coaching

Say goodbye to crowded webinars and hello to personalised attention.

This programme is a private, 1:1 coaching experience with me, Aaron.

It is not group coaching. You get direct access to me as we work together to take your business to the next level.

Learn At Your Own Pace

The True Business Owner course area is divided into 9 self-paced modules, each designed to give you actionable insights and strategies that you can immediately implement in your business.

From the inner game of doing business, to mastering team management and communications, to creating a modern business infrastructure that allows you to work from anywhere – we cover it all.

The 9 modules are:

  1. True Freedom for Business Owners.
  2. Team Management.
  3. Team Communications.
  4. Culture and Execution Planning.
  5. Real-Time Meeting Rhythms.
  6. Systems Management.
  7. Project Management.
  8. Work From Anywhere.
  9. Modern Business Infrastructure.

6 Months of Support

You’re not alone on this journey. In addition to the course, you will also receive 6 months of support personally from me.

You also get all the templates, SOPs, systems and more, to implement everything you learn right away.

You are the beneficiary of my high-end management consulting work with 7 and 8-figure businesses – and it’s all included in True Business Owner at a fraction of the cost.

Get the Premium Edition for a Tailored Experience

For those seeking a more customised approach, the optional Premium Edition is for you.

This edition includes everything in the standard program, plus 6 months of Executive Coaching, and a custom business systems assessment, alongside a 90-minute strategy kick-off call.

You’ll receive the strategy session, 6 x monthly 1-on-1 calls with me personally and a 90-minute wrap-up and future planning call.

You’ll also enjoy 6 months of accelerated support via Slack, including bespoke business analysis, where you can send me anything to look at – be it job scorecards, staff problems or otherwise.

If you need something explained to your team, the Premium Edition also includes custom videos for your team.

Aaron Lynn in Suit, Seated

About Aaron

My name is Aaron Lynn.

I’m a business consultant and systems expert from Australia, and I’ve spent the past 15 years working with systems, business processes, productivity, tech and teams.

I’ve worked with companies in Australia, the US, across Europe and more recently, Asia.

As a consultant, I’ve personally helped numerous 7 and 8-figure clients (and one 9-figure client!) optimise their business and team for performance, so that their operations run like clockwork and they can focus on their zone of genius — be that working with VIP clients or innovating thought leadership in their industry.

I’ve also been a business owner and COO and understand the pains of having a growing and successful business. Whether it’s managing digital marketing campaigns, trying to get 30+ staff on the same page or lying in bed at night wondering what the point of it all is, I’ve been there.

In True Business Owner I’ll show you:

  • What your business actually needs to scale to 7-figures and how to do it. Versus what 6-figure business owners think they want but don’t actually need.
  • How to get out of the day-to-day of your business to create time choice and freedom.
  • Why what needs to be done for a business like yours is different than for a funded startup or corporate.

The Real Value of True Business Owner: A Comparative Look

If you want to get a grip on the operations and systems in your business so you can scale, what are your other REAL options?

Books Are Great, But They Don’t Hold You Accountable

Anyone can pick up a business book like Traction or Scaling Up, but how many people can read it, dissect it, devise a strategic plan, and systematically put it into action over the next 24 months?

(Been there, done that.)

Most of these books were written for large corporations or VC-funded startups.

But what about growing businesses in the 6-figure range?

These businesses don’t want or have the resources for a full-time COO.

With True Business Owner, you skip the theory and get straight into actionable processes and systems tailored for your business.

Group Coaching: It’s Not for Everyone

Group coaching works for some.

Calls are usually lengthy, and you have to show up for “group coaching calls” that run for hours — and sometimes at a time that has you up late at night or early in the morning, because you don’t live in the US.

You then get to listen to other people’s problems… and are left wondering how other people’s solutions can work for your business.

With True Business Owner, you get a programme that’s personalised and tailored to your business, whether you’re remote, office-based, or managing multiple offices.

You also have the flexibility to pivot and address more urgent business issues as they arise, instead of being stuck on some arbitrary module that the group is covering.

Business Consultants: Not All Are Created Equal

Finding a good consultant is challenging.

(I know, I am one.)

Many of them only do NATO calls – No Action, Talk Only.

Some are limited by their narrow experience — they may have sold CRM implementations or been virtual assistants in their past careers, but they’ve never actually systemised or sold a business.

Now, the ones who have?

We charge a pretty penny – substantially more than the cost of True Business Owner.

Plus, most consultants are great at analysing problems, but terrible at facilitating knowledge transfer to you and your team.

By taking a programme like True Business Owner, you’ll be able to build your own in-house knowledge of business systems and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

True Business Owner is for 6-figure business owners who are on the rise to 7-figures and beyond.

It is for self-founded, self-funded, self-run businesses with owners who want private, individualised attention on their business operations.

The examples in the programme are tailored towards hybrid service-oriented businesses, but are applicable to all types of 6-figure businesses.

How long will this take?

There are 9 in-depth modules for you to digest at your own pace that cover everything you need to know about business systems and operations.

You don’t need to watch everything, only the parts relevant to your business.

You could literally watch what you need tomorrow, implement it this week, and start reaping the benefits next week.

To implement the full programme on your own can take up to a year.

With the Premium Edition, we speed this up so that you start making meaningful changes within the first month and if you keep pace, have everything implemented within 6 months.

Is this a video course?

The Standard Edition consists of view-at-your-own-pace video modules, and all the supporting documents, systems, SOPs, templates and more.

The Premium Edition contains everything in the Standard Edition and 6 months of Executive Coaching to accelerate results.

When can I start?

You can start immediately after joining.

If you’re ready to get started now, scroll down and fill in the application form to sign up.

What will my business and I be able to do after the programme?

You’ll have time choice and freedom in your business and life.

That’s the option to get out of the daily operations of your business, and leverage systems to reduce your day-to-day workload to 2-3 hours a day, if you choose.

You’ll have the exact blueprint for business operations that’s needed to scale to 7-figures and beyond.

The Path to True Freedom Begins Today

The path to achieving a 7-figure business while maintaining work-life balance is not an unattainable dream. It’s a well-trodden path, waiting for you to take the first step. It’s a journey made easier and quicker with True Business Owner.

Don’t let another day go by where you’re chained to your desk with bad business operations.

Step into your true potential as a business owner, an enjoy the benefits that come with that.

Join True Business Owner today and unlock the freedom you’ve always desired.

Embrace the dream. Embrace freedom. Become a True Business Owner.

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